Print-Based Lessons

Plant the seeds for healthy behaviors with activities that evaluate health fads, help set physical fitness goals, and more.

Health News
45-60 minutes

Students will discover the difference between health fads featured in the media and scientifically sound healthy habits. Students can then research recent significant health news and share their findings with the class.

Promoción entre pares
45-60 minutes

Classes will be tasked with planning a student-facing campaign that promotes physical activity by identifying a major barrier to being active and proposing how to overcome it. Students will create a tangible goal and then share their results as part of the campaign requirements.

Nutritious Alternatives
45-60 minutes

This activity focuses on the idea that healthy doesn’t have to mean tasteless. Upon reviewing their country’s dietary guidelines, students can develop modifications to their diet that will help them eat more healthily while still enjoying what they consume.

Nutritious Celebrations
45-60 minutes

Students work in teams to design the optimal menu for a meal to celebrate a special event. Teams are given guidelines on nutrition and costs, and will use critical thinking to develop a healthy menu on a budget.

Escape Unhealthy Habits
45-60 minutes

Students will work in teams to participate in an educational escape room! Simple fitness challenges and health-themed puzzles will be presented to students as stations. Students that successfully complete all of the components will be eligible to escape!

Digital Lessons

Lead your students through an exploration of health concepts and prevention of non-communicable diseases with these standards-aligned, instructional resource bundles. Each lesson features digital media, engaging animation, and online resources. The lessons encourage student collaboration, communication, and engagement around key health skills.

Get Moving
45-60 minutes

This digital lesson will guide students through an exploration of the link between physical activity and health. In stations, students will try different forms of physical activity, investigate how their body reacts to different types of exercise, and learn more about each activity’s specific positive effects. Students will then examine their current level of activity and create an action plan to help them work toward achieving 60 minutes of physical activity each day.

YouTube Star
45-60 minutes

Building off the popularity and efficiency of YouTube workouts, student groups will collaborate to create the content for a short workout routine. They will learn the difference between aerobic, muscle-strengthening, and bone-strengthening activities in order to create a routine that touches on three important types of physical activity. Students will then share their workout routines as they work toward accomplishing their 60 minutes of daily physical activity!